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Founder | Jochebed Essel


 founder and visionary behind our shoppe and studio

A self taught interior stylist inspired by the intersection of joy and home, Joche uses Everyday Joy to explore cultivating memorable experiences in our desired safe space. In November of 2021 Everyday Joy was created out to necessity to explore these same truths and create a collection of home goods  people can enjoy.

I love the idea of home, and all articles we collect to personify our favourite moments and experiences. Your home tells beautiful stories, and in my opinion the best way to experience life through the lens of another.


Creating an immersive space that we can experience with others is a beautiful practice that should be respected and savored. With Everyday Joy our goal is to curate beautiful collections that will inspire you to do just that, savor and respect.


Everyday Joy | Shoppe


Everyday Joy | Studio


Everyday Joy | Studio


Visionary behind Everyday Joy Home and Studio, Joche uses both platforms to explore curating spaces that reflect comfort and joy. Listed on House & Home's A - List for innovative businesses in 2021, we're making it easy to style your space with intention, our everyday home essentials  inspire a softer lifestyle. We're focused on redefining comfort, style and luxury with our classic home décor accents. 

Your home should be a reflection of you, styled to bring you the most comfort and relaxation. Our curated selection of home essentials is exactly what you need to bring joy to your everyday.

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